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    Welcome to THE ROPE TRICK book's webpage. Here you will find more information about  psychologist Dr. Will Cupchik's latest book, titled THE ROPE TRICK: CLOSE YOUR EYES AND OPEN YOUR MIND TO BETTER KNOW YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, and how to use and interpret this original mental imagery exercise to gain insight into the current status and dynamics of any of your personal, family or work-related relationships. And you can use this exceptionally helpful yet simple mental imagery exercise again and again in regard to the same relationship(s), and learn from its use, regardless of whether you are a layperson or a mental health professional.

     Dr. Will’s book includes the entire the Rope Trick mental imagery exercise, verbatim, and using it may reveal the current state of one of your relationships in just a minute or more -- or even less. The book also describes how to appropriately interpret your imagery experience and provides a number of composite examples of previous users' experiences to help you learn how to better understand your own imagery experiences.

     The Rope Trick exercise was originally created by Dr. Will, a member of the American Psychological Association for over 35 years  (and currently an 'honorary life member' of the Association), in the early 1970s when he was assisting  a member of a therapy group to gain insight into her troubled marital relationship, and he later spent nearly five years thoroughly investigating the reasons for its effectiveness for his PhD dissertation in counseling psychology at the University of Toronto. This book describes in easy to understand detail why the Rope Trick works and how to use it to better understand the current state of your important relationships. 

     To help an individual make use of the Rope Trick, Dr. Will has provided a 9:21 minute YouTube video in which he personally guides the viewer through the exercise. [To go to the video, simply get onto the YouTube website and search for “Cupchik Rope Trick”.]

     By using Dr. Will’s book and reviewing its detailed examples, one is often able to quickly ‘decode’ the meaning of the particular Rope Trick experience that the individual had. And do keep in mind that the Rope Trick mental imagery exercise is entirely ‘reusable’ in regard to the same and/or other relationships, over and over again.

     The book, THE ROPE TRICK, may be purchased in either paperback or ebook versions from most online bookstores, including Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com  and Indigo.com:

    Incidentally, among Dr. Will’s most important findings while thoroughly examining the Rope Trick for his doctoral dissertation in  Counseling Psychology at the University of Toronto, was that our unconscious minds provide insights into our relationships via the Rope Trick because the unconscious recognizes that the ‘ropes’ imagined very likely symbolize the current state of our ‘relationships’. This is in large part because every word and phrase that might be used to describe the characteristics and functions of a rope are the very same words and phrases that can be used to describe the characteristics and functions of a relationship; e.g., long or short, thick or thin, weak or strong, flexible or rigid, colorful or bland, bound together, tying the knot, unravelling, breaking apart, etc…… These are all words and phrases that can be descriptive of the characteristics and functions of both particular ropes and relationships. 

     In his book, Dr. Will presents the complete Rope Trick mental imagery exercise so that you can use it yourself, and he offers many examples of relationships in various states of good and poor repair and how they were symbolized by the characteristics and functions of the ropes that were imagined by the users of this exercise. 

     As mentioned above, Dr. Will has personally provided a complete YouTube-housed audio-video rendition of this truly extraordinary mental imagery exercise that is less than 10 minutes in length. To go there simply get on the YouTube website and enter "Cupchik rope trick" into its search function.

     To meet the requirements of his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Will also sought out and found another material object, namely a bridge, that performs essentially the same role as a rope, in what he came to label the ‘Bridge Trick’. He also recognized that an especially powerful concept that may epitomize the features of a relationship is that of a combined rope and bridge, i.e., a ‘rope-bridge’, a prime example of which is the Golden Gate Bridge that connects the city of San Francisco to Marin County. He also explains in the book, not only why more than 1,000,000 walk across the Golden Gate Bridge every year, but also why so many persons have chosen to end their lives by leaping from that epitome of a rope-bridge structure and he suggests why a suitable barrier may be an unfortunate but definite necessity.

      A major advantage of the Rope Trick mental imagery exercise is that it can be used over and over again in regard to as many relationships as you like and it may provide helpful  and insightful information on each occasion.