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Psychologist Dr. Will Cupchik’s latest book, published in 2015, is titled THE ROPE TRICK: CLOSE YOUR EYES AND OPEN YOUR MIND TO BETTER KNOW YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, offers what may well be the ultimate, original mental imagery exercise that can reveal the current state of a relationship in just minutes and also describes how to properly interpret the imagery experience.

The Rope Trick exercise was created by Dr. Cupchik in the early 1970s, and he spent nearly five years thoroughly investigating its effectiveness for his PhD dissertation in counseling psychology at the University of Toronto. This book describes in easy to understand detail why and how the Rope Trick works and how to use it to better understand the current state of one of your important relationships. 

One of Dr. Cupchik’s most important findings was that our unconscious minds provide insights into our relationships via the Rope Trick because they recognize that the ‘ropes’ imagined very likely represent the current state of our ‘relationships’. This is in large part because every word and phrase that might be used to describe the characteristics and functions of a rope are the very same words and phrases that can be used to describe the characteristics and functions of a relationship. 'Long' or 'short', 'thick' or 'thin', 'weak' or 'strong', 'flexible' or 'rigid', 'colorful' or 'bland', 'bound together', 'tying the knot', 'unravelling', 'breaking apart', etc…… are all words and phrases that can be descriptive of the characteristics and functions of both particular ropes and relationships. 

In this book, Dr. Cupchik presents the Rope Trick mental imagery exercise in full and offers numerous examples of relationships in various states of good and poor repair and how they are represented by the characteristics and functions of the ropes that were imagined by the users of this exercise. 

This website also introduces you to Dr Will Cupchik as the Head of the Cupchik Center For The Assessment And Treatment of Atypical Theft Offenders and a Registered Psychologist for over 35 years and a 'life member' of the American Psychological Association, Canadian Psychological Association, and the Ontario Psychological Association, having belonged to all three organizations for more than three and one half decades.  Much of his clinical focus for over 40 years has been the fascinating area of seemingly bizarre and/or nonsensical acts of shoplifting and other acts of theft. Such cases are too frequently mis-labeled as instances of 'kleptomania' and, as a result, these theft offenders may not only be mis-diagnosed but also mis-treated (very often with medication). Then predictable instances of additional stealing may well occur, and the offenders' personal, social and even working/professional life may impacted, sometimes even to the point that their licenses to practice their professions could be revoked.  Dr Cupchik's 20-session Intensive Intervention Program was developed and refined by him over the past two decades and his upcoming book, a CLINICAN'S MANUAL, for experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers and other mental health professionals who wish to help these Atypical Theft Offenders  cease their stealing and avoid such potentially damaging negative consequences. 



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