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This website introduces you to Dr Will Cupchik, the Head of the Cupchik Center For The Assessment And Treatment of Atypical Theft Offenders. Dr Will has been a Registered Psychologist for over 33 years and  he is a 'life member' of the American Psychological Association, Canadian Psychological Association, and the Ontario Psychological Association, having belonged to all three organizations for more than three decades.  His clinical focus for over 40 years has been the fascinating area of seemingly bizarre and/or nonsensical acts of shoplifting and other acts of theft. Such cases are too frequently mis-labeled as instances of 'kleptomania' and, as a result, these theft offenders may not only be mis-diagnosed but also mis-treated (very often with medication). Then predictable instances of additional stealing may well occur, and the offenders' personal, social and even working/professional life may impacted, sometimes even to the point that their licenses to practice their professions could be revoked.  Dr Cupchik's 20-session Intensive Intervention Program, developed and refined by him over the past two decades and which he still personally conducts,  aims to help  these Atypical Theft Offenders  cease their stealing and avoid such potentially damaging negative consequences. 


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